PROFESSIONAL VOICES. Male and female voices of all ranges. Low and deep, mezzo and alto, young and dynamic... x

We are a team of professionals who dedicate every second to the perfection of our work.

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We are a modern production company composed by professionals with proven experience in the field of visual communications. We offer our customers a complete portfolio of services to give shape and personality to each project in the most efficient way. From the creative process, through the careful selection of voices, music and soundscapes, to delivery of the final product with an optimal finish, ready to be released.

Professional voices in all languages, translations, campaigns creation, corporate audio, narration, Phone Systems, APP sound, Loudspeaker systems … etc.

Josep Ramos

Josep Ramos

He has dedicated 20 years to the world of radio and voiceover in all its aspects. He has a strong deep voice. He has lent his voice to leading brands internationally.

Sacha Criado

Sacha Criado

Professional voice with extensive experience recording advertisings, training courses, corporate videos, documentaries and so on.

Miguel Martin

Advertisement creative specialized in audio campaigns. Young voice announcer, dynamic, friendly and versatile. Good broadcaster.

Ángel Bernardi

Ángel Bernardi

More than 30 years dedicated to voiceover in all fields and sound editing. Adult Voice of middle age, but adaptable to other ranges.



Broadcasters audiovisual Agency is the first agency broadcasters Spain with different locations in Spain. Catalonia, Andalusia, Castilla y Leon and Madrid.

Most broadcasters with whom we work have their own professional studio. Allowing us to speed up projects adapting to the deadlines set by customers.

Thanks to the advancement of new technologies, customers requesting monitor the recording and be present when this is done, can do it from anywhere via Skype or Source connet Now or similar methods (something as simple as connecting even from mobile) so you can hear everything that happens in the recording session.

But for those who need that recording is in person, in Madrid we have a recording studio equipped with the latest technology with all the amenities to make their customers feel well looked after and can chat face to face with the hired announcer.

The studios are located on Calle San Isidoro de Sevilla, 9 Madrid, at the door of Toledo Metro Area.



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